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35 Fun Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Celebrate the day of love with your little valentines! This collection brings you 35 Valentines Day breakfast ideas for kids that are not only delicious but also creatively crafted, but the best part is the touch of festive magic to the morning. From heart-shaped pancakes to cupid-inspired fruit kabobs, these kid-friendly recipes promise to make Valentine’s Day breakfast a memorable and joyful occasion for the whole family.

Whether you’re looking for colorful smoothie bowls, playful toast designs, or whimsical waffle creations, these ideas are fun ways to fill the breakfast table with love and excitement, setting the perfect tone for a day dedicated to sharing affection and sweet moments. Get ready to make this Valentine’s Day morning extra special for your little ones with these charming and tasty breakfast treats!

If you don’t really have time for a full-blown recipe, just grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, some bread to toast and there you have it! A great way to add some color to that is just buy some fresh fruit like fresh berries and toss on some chocolate chips or red sprinkles. It’s a perfect way to spread the love.

Another easy way to really speed up the cooking process is grab a store-bought box of pancake mix. There are some simple ways of making fun food with pancakes. Add beetroot to the mix for a pink color. Make tiny little pancakes on the stove for silver dollar pannies. Regardless, it does not have to be extravagant. But it also can be if you wanted it to. 🙂


Favorite Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Valentine’s Day funfetti cinnamon rolls

Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls

Enjoy a whimsical twist on classic cinnamon rolls with these delightful and colorful creations infused with funfetti sprinkles—a cheerful and tasty breakfast treat that brings joy to the table. Thes are just the cutest Valentine’s breakfast, I just can’t wait to make these for birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion.

Heart Waffles- 3 ingredients (oats, cottage cheese and eggs)

These 3 ingredient waffles are easy to make and turn out adorable! Just pick up a heart shaped waffle maker or top them with strawberry hearts for a little extra charm.


Super Easy Strawberry Sweet Rolls Recipe

Create a hassle-free morning delight with these super easy strawberry sweet rolls, promising a burst of fruity flavor in every bite—perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast. There are lots of strawberries in this recipe, but I always say, “the more strawberries the better.”



Valentine’s Day Pancakes (Heart Shaped Pancakes)

Spread love on Valentine’s Day morning with heart-shaped pancakes, adding a festive and delightful touch to your breakfast table.

Blueberry Heartcakes

Elevate breakfast with the charming and delicious twist of heart-shaped blueberry pancakes—a visually appealing and tasty morning option.

Gluten-Free Egg-in-a-Hole (Sheet Pan Recipe)

Transform a classic breakfast into a gluten-free delight with this easy sheet pan recipe for egg-in-a-hole—convenient and delicious without compromising dietary preferences.

Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Start your day with a refreshing and nutritious kick using this easy strawberry banana smoothie recipe—a simple and satisfying breakfast or snack option.

Strawberry Croissants with Mascarpone Cream

Indulge in luxury with strawberry-filled croissants topped with luscious mascarpone cream—an exquisite and flavorful breakfast treat. Nothing like fresh strawberries and cream.


The Best Strawberry Banana Bread

Savor the moist and flavorful delight of the best strawberry banana bread—a perfect breakfast or sweet snack to brighten your day.

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

Satisfy your cravings with the unique fusion of strawberries and cinnamon in these delectable rolls—a tasty twist on the classic cinnamon roll.

French Crepes

Indulge in the elegance of French crepes—a versatile and delightful breakfast option that can be filled with sweet or savory ingredients. These things are thin, yet filling! You could always put some heart-shaped fruit on top of it to really emphasize Valentine’s day.

Strawberry Chocolate Baked Oatmeal

Enjoy a hearty breakfast with this wholesome baked oatmeal featuring the delightful combination of strawberries and chocolate—a delicious and comforting morning option.

Heart Shaped Strawberry Hand Pies

Share the love with these portable and charming heart-shaped strawberry hand pies—a delightful on-the-go breakfast or sweet snack.

Strawberry Protein Overnight Oats

Kickstart your day with quick and nutritious strawberry protein overnight oats—a convenient and satisfying breakfast option. An easy make ahead Valentines breakfast for kids.

Strawberry Chia Pudding

Delight in a vegan-friendly strawberry chia pudding that combines simplicity with deliciousness for a healthy breakfast or snack. SUCH an easy recipe!

Healthy Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie (without milk)

Experience the flavors of strawberry shortcake in a healthy smoothie. This fun recipe is dairy-free and perfect for a refreshing breakfast or snack. Sometimes Valentines breakfast for kids is on the go. And that, my friends, is what we call life.

Strawberry Danish Hearts

Indulge in visually appealing and delicious heart-shaped strawberry danishes—a delightful addition to your breakfast spread.

Nutella Crescent Rolls

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these quick and easy Nutella-filled crescent rolls—a delightful breakfast treat that’s perfect for indulging. This little sweet treat is delicious!

Crescent Roll Cream Cheese Danish

Experience the flaky and creamy combination of crescent rolls and cream cheese in this irresistible Danish pastry—a delicious morning indulgence. This is one of the cutest Valentines breakfast ideas for kids.

Healthy Banana and Strawberry Oat Pancakes 

Start your day on a healthy note with banana and strawberry oat pancakes—a nutritious and tasty breakfast option. These simple ingredients make for an easy recipe!

Overnight Triple Berry Oatmeal

Enjoy a flavorful and time-saving breakfast with overnight oatmeal featuring a trio of berries—a wholesome way to kickstart your day.

Frozen Yogurt Granola Bites

Savor a refreshing and convenient breakfast or snack with these frozen and bite-sized yogurt granola bites—a delightful treat.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Layered fruit and yogurt parfaits offer a visually appealing and nutritious way to start your day—simple yet delicious.

Easy Homemade Strawberry Pop Tarts

Make breakfast fun with these easy homemade strawberry pop tarts—a delicious and nostalgic treat for kids and adults alike.

Strawberry Bread (With Sweet Cream Glaze!)

Indulge in moist and flavorful strawberry bread topped with a sweet cream glaze—a kid-friendly breakfast option that’s sure to please.

Red Velvet Donuts

Experience joy with these visually stunning red velvet donuts—a delightful and indulgent addition to your breakfast lineup. These are a huge hit with my little boys!

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Elevate your French toast with slices stuffed with strawberries, adding a burst of fruity sweetness to this classic breakfast dish—a flavorful and satisfying morning meal. This Valentines day breakfast is as delicious as it looks! You can never beat a stuffed french toast recipe.

Caramelized Strawberry Banana Pancake Recipe

Indulge in decadence with fluffy pancakes crowned by the rich combination of caramelized strawberries and bananas—a satisfying and flavorful breakfast experience. There is nothing more satisfying than a strawberry pancake. EXCEPT when there is banana. The combination of the two add the perfect texture that makes these pancakes perfectly moist.

Sweet Cinnamon Roll Waffles for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate love with heart-shaped waffles that capture the sweet and aromatic essence of cinnamon rolls—a romantic and delightful addition to your Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Red Velvet Waffles {using Bisquick}

Experience the decadence of red velvet waffles made conveniently with Bisquick—a delightful and special breakfast treat. These red velvet pancakes are so easy to make and look adorable too!

Strawberry Heart Mini Pancake Stacks


Beet root Naturally Dyed Red Valentine’s Day Pancakes


Strawberry and Cream Cheese Muffins


Conversation Heart Pop Tarts (SO cute!)


Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

I know this is a breakfast post, but if you are looking for more of a grazing board, check out this adorable Valentine’s Day charcuterie board.

As we wrap up our delightful journey through these 35 Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas for kids, I hope you’ve found new ways to make it a day to remember and creativity to your family’s morning routine. Remember, it’s not just about the food—it’s about the joy and connection these special moments bring to your home.

Pour your strawberry milk and make Valentine’s Day special. These easy breakfasts might make their way back into your weekly meals. The easiest way to find out if you or your kids like something, just do it. Just make it!

Whether you choose heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped eggs, or a waffle bar filled with love, the most important ingredient is the laughter and togetherness shared around the breakfast table. These ideas for Valentines breakfast for kids is not just about having a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast; they’re about creating fun memories with your entire family.

So, as you are scheming what to make for your little love bugs, take a moment to savor the smiles, the excitement, and the love that fills your kitchen. I hope these breakfast ideas add an extra sprinkle of joy to your celebrations. Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your day be filled with love, laughter, and, of course, delicious breakfast delights!