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How to Cut Strawberries for Charcuterie Board (9 ideas)

Every good charcuterie board has perfectly sliced strawberries. If you’re wondering how to cut strawberries for charcuterie, you’re in the right place!

Here’s a quick list of the different ways to cut juicy strawberries for a charcuterie board. You can see this beautiful rainbow fruit platter with strawberries. Find out how long strawberries last in the fridge so you don’t buy them too early.

Just know if you place whole strawberries onto your charcuterie, that certainly does the job too.

How to Cut Strawberries for Your Charcuterie Board

Materials you Need for Cutting Strawberries:

  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Fresh Strawberries

Sliced Strawberries:

Simply slice the strawberries into thin rounds. This is a classic and easy way to showcase the vibrant red color. You’ll start with cutting off the top of the berry and move down the strawberry. Leaving the green stem on makes the board so classy.

Hulled and Halved:

Remove the stems and hulls, then cut the strawberries in half. This method is great for bite-sized portions.

You can use a strawberry hulling tool, but a knife works just as fine. After you hull it, simply cut it in half.

Fan Slices:

Make vertical cuts into the strawberry, starting from the pointed end but not cutting all the way through. The result is a fanned-out appearance.

Get the tip of a paring knife as close to the top of the strawberry as possible. Make sure to cut thin slices for these strawberry fans.


Lay the flat/cut side of the strawberry down on the cutting board as you assemble this strawberry rose.


Strawberry Roses:

With a small knife, make thin petal-like cuts around the strawberry, leaving the center intact. Gently fan out the petals to create a rose-like shape.

Use a sharp knife to make thin, evenly spaced slits around the base of the strawberry, cutting upward but not all the way through. Make another set of cuts between the first, slightly higher and angled outward to mimic petals opening.

Gently spread the “petals” apart to form a rose shape. If needed, use a toothpick to adjust the petals for a more realistic look.

The other strawberry rose includes using a biscuit cutter to arrange your slices. Once you have them all aligned, remove the biscuit cutter and there you have it!

Remove the biscuit cutter and voila!

Quartered Strawberries:

Cut the strawberries into quarters for a chunkier bite.

Skewered Strawberries:

Thread whole or halved strawberries onto skewers for a convenient and visually appealing serving option.

You can either skewer on some strawberries and call it a day, OR you can melt chocolate chips and dip the skewered berry into the chocolate. It makes the best treat!

Diced Strawberries:

Cube the strawberries into small, bite-sized pieces. This works well for mixing with other fruits or toppings.

If you’re making a fresh fruit charcuterie board for children, diced strawberries might be a nice touch.

Strawberry hearts:

Shape these favorite fruits in adorable strawberry hearts.

Take one half of the strawberry and, starting at the wide end, cut a shallow V-shape at the top to form the top of the heart. Trim if need be.

Whole Strawberries:

Wash them and place the whole strawberry onto the board.

Any of these strawberries would go great on a traditional cheese board, fresh fruit platter or even dessert charcuterie board. You can use these strawberries for a special occasion like a holiday, at home date night or just for a quick snack.


If you’re prepping for a party, place your strawberries in airtight containers. Looking where to store leftovers? Place them back into the airtight container or make a fruit salad for lunch the next day.

Here’s an example of quartered strawberries.

Easy Tips for Arranging Strawberries on the Board for your next party:

Placing Strawberries Like Art: It’s like setting up your own strawberry art show that makes people want to come over and eat.

Making Cool Shapes: Have you ever thought about arranging strawberries in a swirl or circles? Try out fun shapes that look awesome and make it super easy for everyone to pick up a piece.

Building Layers: We can make our strawberry display even cooler by stacking them up in different ways. Imagine putting strawberry quarters under slices that fan out – it’ll look amazing and taste great with every bite, kind of like exploring a treasure map of flavors.

Filling In The Spaces: Make sure there are no empty spots! We’ll put little strawberry pieces in any gaps between the cheese and meat. The goal is to make everything fit together perfectly, so your snack plate is filled with delicious strawberries everywhere you look.

Cutting strawberries into fancy shapes like hearts and roses might sound tricky, but it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. With the steps we talked about, you can make a cute charcuterie board in no time. Let me know what other ways you present your strawberries on

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time. Keep trying, and you’ll be a strawberry-cutting pro in no time. So grab some strawberries and let’s make your meals and snacks fun and fancy.