35 Places to Eat at Chicago O’hare International Airport

You’re wandering O’Hare Airport, stomach growling and wondering where to grab a decent bite? Whether you’ve got a short layover or it’s your final destination, O’Hare is a great option for food. It offers a little something for everyone. Maybe you’re a foodie willing to try something new or just want a comfy meal, O’Hare’s got your back. Here are the 35 of the best places to eat in Chicago O’Hare Airport. From chill coffee corners to top-notch dining, this guide is your go-to for tasty treats while you’re on the move. Let’s eat our way through one of the busiest airports – delicious food awaits!

In 1945, O’hare International Airport was originally named Orchard Field Airport (OrchaRD-> ORD) hence the ORD airport code.

If you’re visiting our beautiful city and looking for some great food, check out some of the best Irish pubs in Chicago. If you’re looking for a quick sweet fix, here is a giant list of ice cream shops in and around the city!

Top 35 Options for Places to Eat in Chicago O’hare International Airport

Tortas Fronteras:

Known for its delicious tortas, Tortas Fronteras is the brainchild of Chef Rick Bayless, offering a culinary experience that reflects his expertise in Mexican cuisine.

Publican Tavern:

A popular establishment, Publican Tavern is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse menu, featuring a variety of culinary delights that cater to different tastes.

Berghoff Café:

With a deep history dating back to 1898, Berghoff Café is a Chicago institution offering classic German-American cuisine, making it a must-visit for those seeking a taste of tradition.


A chic destination for wine enthusiasts, Beaudevin provides a sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy a curated selection of wines along with gourmet bites, creating an elegant dining experience.

Billy Goat Tavern:

Famous for its “Cheezborger” and a part of Chicago lore, Billy Goat Tavern is a classic dive that has been serving up hearty fare with a side of humor since 1934.

Gold Coast Dogs:

A Chicago favorite for hot dogs, Gold Coast Dogs is synonymous with the city’s classic hot dog scene, offering a tasty and authentic Chicago-style experience.

Garrett Popcorn:

An iconic popcorn brand, Garrett Popcorn is celebrated for its handcrafted, gourmet popcorn varieties, a treat that has become synonymous with the city’s culinary identity.

Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi Bar:

Combining the best of seafood and sushi, Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi Bar provides a diverse menu with fresh, high-quality offerings in the vibrant Wicker Park neighborhood.

Bubbles Wine Bar:

A haven for wine enthusiasts, Bubbles Wine Bar offers a curated selection of wines paired with a cozy ambiance, creating the perfect setting for a leisurely evening.

Goose Island Beer Company:

A pioneer in the craft beer movement, Goose Island Beer Company is a Chicago-based brewery known for its innovative and flavorful brews that have gained national acclaim.

Summer House Santa Monica:

Bringing California vibes to Chicago, Summer House Santa Monica offers a light and fresh menu inspired by the West Coast, creating a breezy and relaxed dining experience.

Eli’s Cheesecake:

A dessert haven, Eli’s Cheesecake is famous for its rich and creamy cheesecakes, becoming a sweet symbol of Chicago’s dessert scene.

Chicago Style Dogs:

Embodying the essence of Chicago’s hot dog culture, Chicago Style Dogs is a go-to spot for those craving the iconic and flavorful Chicago-style hot dogs.

Chili’s Too:

A familiar name in casual dining, Chili’s Too provides a diverse menu of American and Tex-Mex favorites, making it a family-friendly choice for a satisfying meal.

La Tampenade:

A culinary gem, La Tampenade offers a fusion of flavors with its Mediterranean-inspired dishes, providing a taste of the sun-soaked cuisine in the heart of Chicago.

Sky Bridge Bar & Grill:

Located high above the city, Sky Bridge Bar & Grill offers stunning views along with a menu featuring a mix of classic and innovative dishes, creating a dining experience with a scenic backdrop.

Stanley’s Blackhawks Kitchen and Tap:

A sports-themed establishment, Stanley’s Blackhawks Kitchen and Tap combines a love for Chicago’s hockey team with a menu featuring hearty pub-style fare.

Brioche Doree:

A French-inspired bakery, Brioche Doree serves up a delightful array of pastries, sandwiches, and baked goods, bringing a touch of Parisian charm to Chicago.

BJ Gourmet:

Known for its gourmet sandwiches, BJ Gourmet offers a diverse menu of creative and flavorful sandwich options, catering to those seeking a satisfying lunch or snack.

Burrito Beach:

A go-to spot for Mexican cuisine, Burrito Beach is recognized for its fresh and customizable burritos, bowls, and other Mexican-inspired dishes.

Great American Bagel Company:

A staple in the world of bagels, Great American Bagel Company is renowned for its freshly baked bagels in a variety of flavors, providing a delicious start to the day.

Macaroni Grill:

Bringing Italian-American flavors to Chicago, Macaroni Grill offers a menu featuring classic pasta dishes and other Italian-inspired favorites in a casual and inviting atmosphere.

Manchu Wok:

Specializing in Chinese cuisine, Manchu Wok serves up a range of flavorful and quick Chinese dishes, making it a convenient choice for those on the go.

O’Brien’s Restaurant and Bar:

A local favorite, O’Brien’s Restaurant and Bar offers a welcoming atmosphere along with a diverse menu of classic American dishes, making it a neighborhood gathering spot.

Prairie Tap:

With a focus on craft beer and pub-style fare, Prairie Tap provides a laid-back environment for beer enthusiasts to enjoy a rotating selection of local and international brews.

Reggio’s Pizza:

A pizza institution in Chicago, Reggio’s Pizza is known for its classic and mouthwatering pizzas, showcasing the city’s deep-rooted love for this iconic dish.


A globally recognized brand, Subway offers a quick and customizable option for sandwiches and salads, catering to those seeking a fast and convenient meal.


As a global fast-food giant, McDonald’s needs no introduction, providing familiar and fast options for those looking for a quick bite.

Big Bowl:

Specializing in Asian cuisine, Big Bowl offers a diverse menu of Chinese and Thai-inspired dishes, providing a flavorful and satisfying dining experience.

Goddess on the Go:

Catering to health-conscious individuals, Goddess on the Go offers a menu featuring nutritious and flavorful options, promoting a balanced and mindful approach to eating.

Hub 51:

A trendy and versatile spot, Hub 51 combines a modern atmosphere with a diverse menu featuring a range of American dishes, making it a go-to destination for various tastes. This is an excellent choice when you have a variety of palates.

R.J. Grunts:

A classic American burger joint, R.J. Grunts has been serving up the best burgers and comfort food since 1971, earning its place as a timeless favorite.

Urban Olive:

A destination for olive oil enthusiasts, Urban Olive offers a curated selection of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars, providing a unique and flavorful shopping experience.

Wow Bao:

Bringing a modern twist to traditional Asian flavors, Wow Bao is known for its innovative and delicious bao buns and other Asian-inspired dishes, creating a fusion of taste and convenience.

Zoot’s Cafe:

You can find oven baked sandwiches, quesadillas or soups here. They also have some pretty tasty croissant sandwiches.

Breakdown of Restaurants by Concourse in O’hare Airport

Here’s a quick list of places to eat in Chicago O’hare Airport broken down by Terminal.

O’Hare Terminal 1 (concourse B, concourse C) food selections include:

  • Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless
  • Berghoff Café
  • Goose Island
  • Reggio’s Pizza Express
  • America’s Dog
  • Garrett Popcorn Shops
  • Manchu Wok
  • Zoots Café
  • Fresh Market on the Go
  • Smoothie King
  • Great American Bagel
  • Galileo’s
  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat
  • Salad Works
  • Nuts on Clark

O’Hare Terminal (concourse E, concourse F) 2 food, bar include:

  • Skybridge Restaurant and Bar
  • Summer House Santa Monica
  • Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap
  • Connect to Chicago
  • Farmer’s Fridge
  • Hot Dog Express
  • Carry-Out Carry-On
  • Chicago Style Hot Dogs
  • La Tapenade Mediterranean Café

ORD Terminal 3 (concourse G, concourse h, concourse K, concourse L and rotunda) food options include:

  • Publican Tavern
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill
  • Gold Coast Dogs
  • Clubs Bar and Grill
  • Rush Street
  • Burrito Street
  • O’Briens Restaurant and Bar
  • BJ’s Market and Bakery
  • ICE Dishes and Drinks
  • Skyscrapers
  • Bubbles
  • TCBY
  • Prairie Tap
  • B-Smooth
  • Green Market
  • Facades Bar
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Brioche Doree
  • Cibo

Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 are all domestic terminals

 ORD Terminal 5 (international terminal) food options include:

  • Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi Bar
  • Hub 51
  • R.J. Grunts Burgers
  • Beaudevin
  • Wow Bao
  • Big Bowl Chinese Express
  • Urban Olive Mediterranean Table
  • Tocco
  • Metropolis Coffee

Where is the family lounge?

In Terminal 2, Main Hall (near Gate F1) the family lounge was created to have a space for kids to be kids and PLAY. Burn off that energy so they are ready for their flight. You’ll find colorful seating along with device charging stations as well as a stroller park. Sure, it’s nice to have places to eat in Chicago O’hare airport, but sometimes you need to empty that energy tank.

Sometimes you might find live entertainment, especially during the holidays, to relieve even an ounce of that holiday stress that comes with travel at that time of the year. You might see musicians or caricature artists to name a few.

Kid-friendly Food Options at O’hare International Airport

Knowing kid-friendly places to eat in Chicago O’hare Airport is relieving when trying to plan out the travel day.

1. America’s Dog

Is there anything more Chicago than hot dogs?

Gate C17

They offer a kids meal bundle. It offers a cheeseburger, hot dog or chicken tenders with French fries or chips. You can choose milk, choc milk, orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or fountain drink. Each kids meal comes with a fresh cookie.

2. Burrito Beach

Gate K4

They have some good kids meal options including cheese quesadilla, veggie quesadilla, chicken quesadilla, bean and rice burrito or a chicken burrito.

3. Jamba juice

Gate B7

Jamba Juice has kids smoothies. You can choose between blueberry-strawberry blast-off OR a strawberries gone bananas (such a classic).

4. McDonald’s

​Gates B11, F7, L4, H5, C11, H9, K9, Baggage claim

Kids are always lovin’ it here. A kid’s meal is pretty standard in most households, otherwise you can just order a bunch of nuggets or burgers and call it a day.

5. O’Briens Restaurant and Bar

Gate H5

You certainly cannot go wrong with a hot dog from here. They also have egg sandwiches which have raving reviews online.

6. R.J. Grunts

Gate M16

Name two words for a childhood diet: chicken strips. They’re a great option from R.J. Grunt’s!


Gluten Free Restaurant/Food Options in O’hare International Airport

*Bold options are from completely gluten-free foods, prepared in gluten-free environments, 6-10 are gluten-free ingredient options, not necessarily prepared in gluten-free kitchens that avoid cross contamination.

It’s nice to have gluten free/friendly options for places to eat in Chicago O’hare airport.

  1. Fresh Market on the Go
  2. Green Market
  3. Jamba Juice
  4. Nuts on Clark
  5. Smoothie King
  6. Farmer’s Fridge
  7. Hub 51
  8. Tocco
  9. Tortas Frontera
  10. Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi bar

If you are military, do not hesitate to get your military discount. Those who are active, retired and veterans of the U.S. Military (with a valid military ID) can redeem the discount. It excludes some obvious things like alcohol, magazines, newspapers and tobacco products. Expires April 30, 2024

What restaurants are open 24 hours at O’hare Airport?

Dunkin’ Donuts, Terminal 3, Concourse H, Gate H5

Vending Machines in O’hare International Airport

I know it may sound silly to even suggest this as decent airport food, but vending machines are on and open 24 hours a day. In fact, they have some healthy fresh options so don’t be freaked out about only being able to eat Cheetos and a diet coke. There’s more than that! I got you.

List of vending machines:

  • Farmer’s Fridge- Personal favorite as they have healthy options like hard boiled eggs, chia pudding and salads.
  • Canteen Healthy Beverage
  • Canteen Healthy Snacks
  • Pepsi Vending Machine
  • Sprinkles Vending Machine
  • Starbucks and Assorted Beverages vending machine
  • Windy City Mart- healthy beverages and snacks
  • Nuts on Clark vending machine


    Chicago Style Food at O’hare International Airport

    O’Hare International Airport offers a variety of dining options, allowing travelers to experience some of Chicago’s iconic foods. Here are some top Chicago foods you can try at O’Hare Airport:

    Chicago-Style Hot Dog:

    Look for a spot like Gold Coast Dogs or Chicago Style Dogs to enjoy the classic Chicago-style hot dog with mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt.

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza:

    Grab a slice or a whole pizza from Reggio’s Pizza, known for its classic and mouthwatering pizzas.

    Italian Beef Sandwich:

    Check out Reggio’s Pizza for an Italian beef sandwich, a Chicago specialty featuring thinly sliced beef with flavorful au jus.

    Chicago-Style Popcorn:

    Indulge in a Chicago-style popcorn mix at Garrett Popcorn, a beloved spot known for its handcrafted gourmet popcorn.

    Chicago-Style Pizza:

    While deep-dish pizza is a classic, you might also find other pizza varieties at places like Macaroni Grill or other pizza outlets in the airport.

    Gourmet Burgers:

    Enjoy a delicious gourmet burger at Stanley’s Blackhawks Kitchen and Tap, which offers a sports-themed atmosphere.

    Chicago-Style Cheesecake:

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of Chicago-style cheesecake from Eli’s Cheesecake, a dessert haven.


    Let’s give a shoutout to some of the real MVPs of this culinary journey. If you’re craving Mexican cuisine, Tortas Fronteras by Chef Rick Bayless is where it’s at – those flavors will linger in your memory long after you’ve left the airport.

    Feeling like a true Chicagoan? The iconic Billy Goat Tavern and its legendary Chicago Style Dogs have got your back. And for a taste of the Windy City’s history, grab a bite at Berghoff Cafe, serving up classics since forever.

    Thirsty? Publican Tavern and Bubbles Wine Bar are here to quench your thirst in style, and if craft beer is your jam, Goose Island Beer Company is the place to be.

    Sweet tooth acting up? Eli’s Cheesecake is the stuff dessert dreams are made of, and Garrett Popcorn adds that delightful crunch to your journey. Go ahead and wash your fingers because you’re gonna be lickin ’em after Garrett Popcorn, iykyk,.

    But hey, this is just the tip of the foodie iceberg at Chicago O’Hare Airport– from sushi at Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi Bar to the laid-back vibes at Summer House Santa Monica, there’s a taste for every traveler. You have plenty of options for places to eat in Chicago O’hare Airport. And props to you for being on top of your appetite!