Easy Rainbow Fruit Platter for St. Patrick’s Day

Imagine a plate so full of colors, it looks like a rainbow landed right on your table. Not only does it make you smile, but it’s also super good for you. I’m going to show you how to make your very own rainbow fruit platter that’s not just a treat for your eyes but a feast for your taste buds too!

This simple rainbow fruit platter is a perfect treat for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, a birthday party for your rainbow lover, or a baby shower. The best part about making this festive fruit tray is the fact that it’s a healthy snack that is so simple!

Rainbow fruit platter perfect for kids.

Why Make a Rainbow Fruit Platter?

  • Health Galore: Each color fruit is like a superhero with its own power, giving you all sorts of health boosts.
  • Happy Vibes: Bright colors make us happy—like, really happy. Eating a rainbow can make a regular day feel like a party. If you’re looking for sweets for St. PAtrick’s Day, check out these adorable and festive St. Patrick’s Day snacks.
  • Beauty on a Plate: Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to snack from a plate that looks like a treasure chest of jewels?

Picking the Perfect Colors

Now, let’s talk about what fresh fruit to pick for your rainbow fruit tray:

Red: Think strawberries, cherries, pomegranate seeds, red apples and watermelon. They’re like the party starters—sweet and full of fun.

Orange: Oranges, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, and mangoes bring the sunshine to your plate.

Yellow: Bananas, pineapples, and star fruit are like little bursts of joy. (My fave color of the rainbow!)

Green: Kiwis, green grapes, green apples and honeydew add a cool, refreshing touch.

Blue/Purple: Blueberries, blackberries, and purple grapes (or red grapes) are the royal touch your platter needs.

Choosing Right: Go for your favorite fruits that feel heavy for their size—means they’re juicy!

When trying to figure out which fruits to use, that’s a personal preference. No matter what you use, it’s going to look awesome. The rainbow of colors just comes together so aesthetically pleasing, it’s awesome.

Think about the number of people that will be snacking on this when choosing your variety of fruits.

Step by step, how to make a rainbow fruit platter for any celebration.

Making Your Fruit Platter

  • Step 1: Think about the colors of the rainbow, ROY-G-BIV. Start with your red fruits (strawberries or raspberries) and assemble them into the shape of a rainbow. Be sure to use a large platter.
  • Step 2: Layer each color until you finish with your blues/purples.
  • Step 3: Put (mini) marshmallows at the end of the rainbow and assemble chocolate gold coins on the other end to serve as the pot of gold. (Consider using a yogurt dip instead of the marshmallows).

Dressing It Up

Why stop at fruits? Let’s make it fancier:

  • Themes: How about a tropical island platter or a winter wonderland with fruits?
  • Extra Sparkle: Throw in some nuts, seeds, or edible flowers. It’s like putting ornaments on a Christmas tree.
  • Dips and Drizzles: Yogurt or honey? Choose your adventure to make those fruits pop with flavor.

Serving Your Delicious Artwork

You’ve made a masterpiece, now let’s show it off:

  • The Right Plate: Big, flat plates or boards are your canvas. You can use a small bowl (or 2) for the ends of the rainbow.
  • Keeping It Fresh: If it’s sitting out for a while, a little lemon juice keeps everything looking fresh and tasting zippy.

Rainbow fruit platter that is healthy and delicious!

Storing your Fruit Platter

1. Keep it Cool

First things first, if you’re not serving your platter right away, you’ll want to keep it cool. The fridge is your friend here, but let’s make sure we do it right:

  • Use a Big, Flat Container: Find a container large enough to hold your platter without squishing your masterpiece. If you don’t have a container big enough, you can gently cover the platter with plastic wrap. Just be sure to tent it so it doesn’t stick to the fruits.
  • Layer Wisely: If you absolutely must stack your fruits, place a sheet of parchment paper between layers to keep them from becoming a fruit salad.

2. Keep It Moist (But Not Too Moist)

Fruits love a bit of humidity, but too much can make them soggy. Here’s the trick:

  • Damp Paper Towel: Lightly dampen a paper towel and lay it over the fruits before covering them with plastic wrap. This keeps the air moist enough for the fruits but not so wet that they start to swim.

3. Timing Is Everything

Fruits are best enjoyed fresh, but sometimes we gotta prep in advance. Here’s how to time it:

  • Citrus and Hard Fruits: These can be prepped and stored a bit longer. Think apples, pears, cantaloupes, and oranges—they can hang out for a day or so.
  • Berries and Soft Fruits: These guys are a bit more delicate. Try to cut and prep these closer to serving time to keep them from getting mushy.

4. Quick Refresh

Before serving, give your platter a little spa treatment:

  • Splash of Lemon Juice: A quick sprinkle of lemon juice can wake up the fruits, add a zesty flavor, and keep them from browning.
  • Room Temperature: Let the platter sit out for about 15-30 minutes before serving (if it’s not too hot in your house). Fruits taste best when they’re not too cold.

5. Leftovers?

Got some leftovers? Here’s how to handle them:

  • Airtight Containers: Separate the fruits into an airtight container and pop them back in the fridge. They’re great for snacking, smoothies, or your next meal.
  • Freeze for Later: If you’ve got a lot left, consider freezing some for later. This works great for berries, grapes, and bananas. A great way to reuse the remaining fruits for smoothies or a cold snack!

Creating a rainbow fruit platter isn’t just about eating healthy; it’s about bringing joy, color, and a dash of creativity to your everyday life. Plus, it’s an awesome way to share the love with friends and family.

I particularly love making this for an afternoon snack for the kids. So, why not give it a whirl and see what you can create?

Who knew fruits could be so much fun? Here’s to enjoying health, happiness, and a whole lot of colors on your plate. Cheers to living life in full color!