Easy Waffle Charcuterie Board with Meat

A waffle charcuterie board is a great way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas morning or even a baby shower. What better way to combine Belgian waffles, your favorite fruits, some maple syrup and the rest of your favorite breakfast foods altogether on a wooden board. And don’t forget your meat!

This will be more of a breakfast charcuterie board, but you can serve it any time of day. It’s even considered a grazing board to some. I love the idea of take what you want, when you want. Here is where you’re going to learn the ins and outs of a waffle charcuterie board and see why it is so much fun to prep and eat!

What is a charcuterie board?

Let’s start with what charcuterie even means. By definition, charcuterie is French for cooked, processed or cured cold meats and meat products. As time has evolved, charcuterie boards have become more creative and exquisite.

What Waffles to use for your Breakfast Waffle Charcuterie Board?

If you are using homemade waffles, check out this healthy high protein 3 ingredient waffle recipe (click here). This original recipe is incredibly easy to make and can be prepped ahead of time using your home waffle maker.

However, if you are like every other busy person in this world, frozen waffles are the easiest to use. Frozen waffles are a great way to provide a ton of variety. You can also add in some mini waffles for the kids. (Keep reading to see how to keep them warm before serving)

Here are some great brands grocery stores offer.

  • Kodiak Cakes
  • Vans gluten free
  • Eggo (classic!)
  • Kashi
  • Whatever is on sale

Having a variety is a great way to incorporate the whole family by offering options. Nowadays, grocery stores offer chocolate chip, whole wheat or even blueberry. For kids, you can even throw in some french toast, mini pancakes, chocolate waffles or Micky Mouse waffles!

What are the best condiments for a build your own waffle board?

  • maple syrup
  • peanut butter
  • hazelnut spread
  • butter
  • Jam
  • ricotta cheese
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate hummus

Place the condiments in small bowls on the breakfast charcuterie board.

What are some favorite toppings for waffles?

I personally love having fresh fruit on this breakfast charcuterie board with meat, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Sliced strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Sliced banana
  • Chocolate chips
  • Spinkles
  • Nuts

As you can see, fresh fruit tops the list, but here is where your creative juices start to flow. Have fun with this part!

How to keep your waffles warm?

Unless you have a 20 slice toaster (or waffle iron), this one’s for you. When assembling your waffle charcuterie board with meat, you will most likely be toasting 1-4 at a time. Here’s how to keep your waffles warm until you are ready to serve. Remember, leave making or toasting your waffles to right before you serve to have the warmest waffles.

  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees
  2. Place a WIRE RACK inside a baking sheet (this is key as it prevents the waffles from becoming soggy) in a single layer
  3. Assemble waffles on the breakfast charcuterie board and enjoy warm waffles!

Another easy way to present your waffles deals with when you have a small group. You can just make your Belgian waffles as needed, aka make them one person at a time.

What are some sides to put on your breakfast charcuterie board?

This board is still considered a ‘breakfast’ charcuterie board so you can use donut holes, mini muffins or even slices of avocado. First off, think about what you have in the house. Next, see what’s on sale or in season at your grocery store.

I personally love to use hard boiled eggs or egg cups since they’re a great finger food.

What actual meat goes well on this waffle charcuterie board?

Since waffles are considered a breakfast food, think of breakfast meats. Sausage links are easy to serve. Crispy bacon smells amazing and gives the meat lovers more choices.

You can also use charcuterie classics like prosciutto or calabrese. Now’s the time to try your hand at those salami roses you’ve always wanted to take on (click here).

How do you assemble a waffle charcuterie board?

  1. Assemble larger items on different areas of the board (think maple syrup, bowl of chocolate chips)
  2. Place your delicious waffles around the large items
  3. Fill in the gaps with fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs or little donuts

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use a waffle charcuterie board?

This goes without saying but serving a waffle charcuterie board is a fun way to celebrate day of the year. It takes a bit more effort, so it feels special when used on special occasions. Here are a few opportunities a grazing board might be a perfect fit.

  • Birthday/birthday weekend
  • Christmas morning
  • Valentine’s day
  • Easter brunch
  • Baby Shower
  • Mother’s day

Alternatives to use as a Charcuterie Board?

If you don’t have a wooden board, you can use a large serving tray or dish. You also have the option of putting two cutting boards next to one another. If you do not have anything big enough, use a large plate with small bowls around it filled with toppings.

What are good drinks to serve with a waffle charcuterie board?

Mimosas or regular OJ are always a solid choice. Milk, tea, coffee and the fixings are also pretty standard.

How to Store Leftovers?

Place leftovers in airtight containers. Leave them in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Remember, the most important part of this epic brunch board is the presence you give others during the meal. These fun breakfast charcuterie boards are simply the vehicle to help create life lasting memories. Enjoy!